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Message From Our President

In 2006, a group of Vietnamese American lawyers in the San Francisco Bay Area had the idea to create an expanded professional and community network. With help from our friends in Southern California, we began planning for a statewide professional conference. We raised our ambition and extended our invitation to colleagues nationwide. The first National Conference of Vietnamese American Attorneys came to pass, jubilantly, in San Jose.

Ten years later, I am proud to remain involved with NCVAA, and I invite you to join our vibrant community. Our mission was based on the recognition that, as a small and recent immigrant group, we are under-represented in the linguistically-demanding legal field, many of us are the first in our family to go into the profession, and that many would benefit from connecting with others across the country.

From the start, we saw the need and the opportunity to serve our greater community. Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the Vietnamese communities of Louisiana and Mississippi, revealed that the need for culturally-competent legal help is often geographically distant from the resources for such help. One of our founding organizers coordinated the extension of pro bono legal help from the Bay Area to the Gulf Coast. A few years later, the BP Deepwater Horizon environmental disaster brought many of us back to the Gulf. The friendships, connections, and team building formed at our earliest conferences went a long way toward these efforts.

We have welcomed attendees from all corners of the United States, from Vietnam, and from places as unexpected as the Federated States of Micronesia. We have had the pleasure to see every Vietnamese American jurist gathered in the same room, and to hear them share their remarkable journeys and give warm advice from the bench. The NCVAA conference has traveled to cities outside California, supported the formation of regional bar associations, and granted scholarships to law students.

Please join us to make the ten years ahead at least as memorable.

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